Creatives circle

There are a lot of amazingly creative and talented people in the world doing fascinating things every day and I love finding out more about them, what they’re doing and why.  If you are similarly curious you’re going to love this section!  Why, you may ask?  And I’m glad you did, because it’s going to be a lot of fun!  Creatives circle is a place for me to introduce you to an inspiring creative person each month via interview.  I hope you will be similarly inspired by their passion, drive, stories and words of wisdom.

My first interview is with Miss Lady A Broad!  Check out her website – it’s chock full of stunning vintage inspired accessories and homewares.

With Lady A Broad

Please excuse my crazy hair, it was a little windy! Lady A Broad looks impeccable as always


Next month I will be interviewing Michelle from Living with Bob (Dysautonomia) – we will be talking Dorothy shoes, Dysautonomia and Blogging.  Michelle’s blog was the first thing I read about Dysautonomia that wasn’t medical, that wasn’t written by a doctor or medical company, that involved a real, relatable person and their experiences with Dysautonomia.  She made me feel like I wasn’t alone.  She has brought giggles, hope and a sense of belonging to many people.  Can’t wait!



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