About me


Hi there!  I’m Claire, thanks for visiting my blog; Slices of Cherry Pie!

I am a milliner, amateur seamstress, lover of mid-century vintage style, dabbler in many creative exploits and songbird hailing from Melbourne, Australia.  I also live day to day with a mix of Chronic illnesses, chief amongst those is Dysautonomia.

On this blog you can read about my creative activities (from the devoutly passionate love affairs to the fleeting fascinations) and performing endeavours as my alter ego Miss Sugar St Claire, alongside my journey with chronic illness  – with a few fur-kid photos thrown in of course!

I love to share my interests with people who might be similarly interested and I hope you’re going to be one of them!  Along the way I’d also love to introduce you to some wonderfully talented and creative people that I find really inspiring; sharing is caring!

This year I have vowed to make more clothes than I buy. I have quite a stash of fabric sitting there waiting to be turned into something fabulous and many patterns ready to be the tool to do just that.  I love the clothing styles of the 40’s and 50’s but my measurements often fall just outside that of most vintage clothes.  There are lots of great reproduction clothes out there, but everyone has them already!   So now I want to get down to business creating some new items for my wardrobe, along with other exciting projects along the way.

Who’s with me!


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